Monday, September 11, 2006

Weekend Wrap-up

Friday night, I finished the bag for Forget-me-not, here modeled by Blackeyed Susan:
It turned out HUGE. Susan would have liked it, but Forget-me-not says that she can use it for a diaper/weekend bag as well as a purse. Here are the pockets I put inside:

Sunday, both grandson Blueberry and granddaughter Sweet Pea were dedicated. Here is Johnny and Lily with their three (and Grandma):
Here are Rocky, Forget-me-not, Blueberry, Sweet Pea, Lily, and Johnny:
Pretty proud Mama here. And what a blessing to see my children bringing *their* children to the Lord to be dedicated to Him.

I posted a 9/11 tribute on my other blog this morning. I wish we could keep those images in the fronts of our minds all the time. Then no one would wonder why we are at war, or even have to remember that we Are at war. May God bless the victims' families, our soldiers, and our President. May He give comfort and wisdom to all of us, as it continues to get closer to the time Jesus returns.


Copper's Wife said...

The bag is great and your family is beautiful!!!

tam said...

What a lovely, lovely family!

Oh I was squealing with joy for you I can only imagine how your heart must sing, sing, sing for all those young'ins!

The bag came out incredible! Just love it!

Have I mentioned how much I love fabric and sewing.???

(only I have discovered I dislike the combo of sewing and slippery fabric...this weeks project has been unfun!---will post on it later)

plainandsimple said...

Beautiful babies! What a lovely day you all must have had!

The bag is very cool, great bright, fabric!

tam said...

Since I consider it polite to let others know that I've linked them in a post...

I'm letting you know that I've linked you in my post...!

ok, actually two posts since I started one up on homeschool blogger and mentioned you there too!

CBM said...

I love the bag, and what a happy extended beautiful family you have.

Would it be okay for me to link to you on my blog?

Also, can I ask which pattern you used for the bag? if you don't mind.