Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of School

I have some pretty good thoughts today, this first day of our school year. You can read them on My Other Blog (link on sidebar) if you like.

You would find out that today won't go like I planned. But God kind of overruled it, and, well, His plan is better, anyway.

Blackeyed Susan is in eighth grade, and Alvin Fernald is in sixth. This is so amazing to me. Of course we all experience that Tornado called time, rushing through and taking our children in its wake, growing them up and spitting them out, all too soon. When Susan was born, my oldest was two months from high school graduation. She (Violet) was 19 when Alvin was born.

I had six children by the time I was 28; the last two were born at 37 and 39. At one time I had Two in College, Two in High School, Two in Middle School, and Two in Diapers. I had a 21-year old and a 21-month old. I had five teenagers, twice. Now Susan is 13, we'll do it "one more time." When I get playful, I say that I have been a parent for 182 years (adding all the children's ages). In September it will be 183 years, October 184, November 185, December 186. I'm getting up there, folks, in the Experience department.

How I miss the "little people" who used to live in my house. My dear mother-in-love told me early on that when they were small (and I was so tired) that it was the easiest time in my life. I wanted to believe her; I knew she was telling the truth, but how can we see it then? Of course, it *is* true.

Joe Hardy had the cutest little raspy voice that lisped. He got therapy and the lisp went away (that's okay, I wouldn't have wanted to saddle him with that), but the little raspy voice was Gone For Good when his voice changed at puberty. All of mine had Chubby Cheeks. And knees. And elbows. The joy as each of them learned to read. Eyes of wonder at discovering things on their own. Now, they still enjoy learning, but I don't get to see their eyes most of the time--they don't live at home anymore...

Now, with only Susan and Alvin home, we don't do cutesy stuff to start our homeschool day. There is work to be done. Still discovering things, of course, but it won't be too long before Alvin's voice changes. We used to do Baby Powder--now we do Deodorant and hair Product.

Sorry. Didn't mean to be melancholy. Every day is a gift from God. Today He has given me another day with my dear husband and children. I don't want to waste it, so I guess I'd better Get Going on it!


Copper's Wife said...

They do grow up too fast, don't they? My "baby" is seven this year, and only three years older than my eldest grandson!!

April 1930s said...

Hi, Barbara! Just wanted to stop in and say hello... I should be 'working', but I'm playing (reading blogs) instead. :)

tam said...

You are really very gifted at describing Motherhood.

You are in a place that you can describe them leaving the nest while still having more at home. You get to enjoy Grandmotherhood and Motherhood in one fell swoop.

How blessed is your "place" in life.

Your perspectives and outtakes are refreshing and appreciated! (not to mention your comments...thank you!)

plainandsimple said...

Hi Barbara
What is it with this "mummy melancholy"? As you know I'm having a dose of this myself...I love the idea of your nice big family, you must have great Christmases.