Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Fun Time

Happy news--a new Walmart opened this past Wednesday, much closer to my home than the one I've had to go to all these years. I did visit WM this week, tho' it was the "old" one, because the dry cleaner (which was my Real Errand) is close by that one.

I ventured out today to get gasoline, and Here It Is, Folks:
Now, you will notice that I could get it 5 cents cheaper by using a Walmart gift card. I considered going into the store to get one, but after seeing the, like, forty thousand cars in the parking lot, decided to just pay the Big Price. ( I ended up getting 18 gallons--that meant I spent 90 cents more than by using the card. I felt it was worth Not having the hassle of going in, to pay the 90 cents.)

Last night, I finished Lily's funky bag:

Her birthday was Thursday, so it was pretty timely. Here is a photo of the pockets inside:
I need to stop working on the bags for a little while. I still need to make one for Violet, and now Blackeyed Susan wants one, too. But I am making quilts for Laura Carrot and Sweet Pea, and I need to Get A Move On, little dogie....Laura's birthday is next month.

I'll post pictures of some of those Princess squares, hopefully next time.

I'm getting ready to have Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot for a couple of hours. Johnny Tremain played in the Alumnae soccer game at his college, against the current team. They only had ten players (instead of eleven-plus-extras), so he played all ninety minutes. His tootsies are trashed. He did get an assist, and the game ended in a tie. Not bad for old guys, and Johnny doesn't play even casually anymore.

I am also watching Blueberry tonight. He's easy--bottle at 8 and then to bed. Then I'll pull out the Princess quilts and re-assess.

Have a blessed Lord's Day!


Copper's Wife said...

The bag is too cute!!! Looking forward to seeing the WIP quilt sqaures, too! Hope you had a happy time with all of your grandchildren!

norththreads said...

This is a great bag! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

tam said...

oooooh love the purse!

looks like you had quite the weekend!

Hope your sewing goes well and quilts get finished!

April 1930s said...

Love the bag! Thanks for sharing - so we could see your craftyness. :)

April 1930s said...

Forgot to saaaaaaaaaaay.... be oh, so grateful for your fuel prices. Ours are still $2.70+. (sigh)