Friday, September 15, 2006

The Look of Autumn

I finally got my fall decorating done in my main rooms. Here is the centerpiece for the dining room table:
My china cabinet boasts a festive garland. The candlesticks keep it from falling off: Here is the front door. Note the very important pennant, without which it is not "really " autumn at our house:
I always put my autumn quilt front-and-center. I did this one completely by hand:
Okay, so now every window had to have a garland, or they looked naked:
Today, Johnny Tremain and Rocky Balboa went to a Cubs game in Chicago, so Lily and Forget-me-not came over with the children. Here are Blueberry and Sweet Pea just hangin' out:
Alvin Fernald has a class tomorrow to get certified in First Aid. It will be great for him, and he will qualify for a Royal Ranger merit as well. Lily and I are going to Jo-Ann's--they have a Saturday-only sale on flannels for $2.99--maybe I can get started on Christmas jammy-pants!

This weekend is our favorite festival of the year--the Johnny Appleseed festival. (he is buried in our town.) Yum--apple cider, apple dumplings, demos of spinning, soap-making, handmade musical instruments (and lots of music, too.) Opportunities to spend lots of cash. Fun, fun, fun!

Tonight, just Alvin and I are home. Maybe I'll cut some sewing-thing out, and maybe just begin to go through the giant stack of projects....


plainandsimple said...

It looks really lovely. You know we don't do this kind of decorating in the UK...perhaps I could start a new tradition. I love Autumn and the DH is raking leaves while we speak...good man!

G.L.H. said...

Dear Mrs. Plain and Simple,

You have GOT to love a man when he is raking leaves!

tam said...

Lovely photos!

How fun to start decorating!

I should. I want to. Maybe we will this week!

Johnny Appleseed! What a fun festival...the children love his story and I would love to take them their to show them! Maybe one year!

littlejennywren said...

I love the purple tones in with the more traditional autumn colours. It brings an extra richness to the colour scheme.

tam said...

Dear Barbara...

Could you email me via Provisions of grace so I can email you?

I had your address once but now cannot find it!!!

Thank you!