Saturday, June 28, 2008


I was never a video game player. I've never played Pac-man or Space Invaders or Tetris. I *do* do a few computer games--Spider Solitaire, for instance. And I'm a madwoman for Mahjongg.

A couple of years ago, a neighborhood friend turned me on to Text Twist. I got to be pretty good at it (tho' it *is* rather addictive, and can take time out of your day...) and got up to 400,000 once.

Playing it the other day, I was getting close to 400,000, and decided to see how far I could go. This meant that I couldn't turn off the computer at night (the game doesn't have a "save" feature). Now, in my defense, I didn't sit all day staring at the screen; my children ate all three meals, *and* I caught up the laundry. Here I am, hitting the million mark:
And here is where I landed, last night at midnight:
Then I turned off the computer. I mean, there isn't a "hall of fame" for this game. I am Officially Retired.
The day was full of "twisted" things. I stepped on my glasses:
Fortunately, I had an old pair. The "top" part (the single-vision part) works really well. I can see to drive and cook and stuff. The Bifocal part, however, is Sadly Lacking. It was my first bifocal pair, and now the computer screen is really wiggly. Thank goodness I don't use my glasses to read books--I'm better with my eyes alone within twelve inches or so. I also go "naked" while hand-quilting, so I did a fair bit last evening (between text-twisting, of course!)
I had a difficult time with said eight-year-old glasses at the Bi-annual Quilt Show yesterday. I couldn't stand far enough away from the quilts for the glasses to work, and almost had to put my nose on the displays to see them without them. (do all the signs PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE QUILTS mean noses, too?)
One more "twisted" thing about my day: I didn't spend any money at the quilt show. (insert Twilight Zone theme here...) Twenty quilt shop vendors hawking their wares at Reduced Quilt Show Prices and I come out empty-handed? Never been seen before. I just kept thinking--I could buy gasoline instead of more fabric.
I have an appointment today at 5:30 pm for an eye exam. It's my first time with vision insurance--gotta love $15 copays each for exam AND glasses, unless I go over the $125 allowance for frames. Still, my last glasses were about $380. Hoping to get by for under $100.
This last part isn't "twisted": I found a brownie box camera at the thrift store. Violet has always wanted one. I called her to ask, and she wondered whether film would still be available. I thought probably so, as Everything Retro has been picked up again, and *somewhere* on the internet, you can find anything, right?
Isn't it cute?
This morning, kids and I are off to my Daddy's nursing home for a picnic. My two brothers and wives are coming, tho' Charming has to work. They are providing free Family Pictures, so Daddy will have a new one to put on his shelf. So I'm Off to Get Beautiful (in my eight-year old glasses)!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Blogger on the Block

Hey, everybody!

Go visit my honey's blog . He is finally stepping into the bloggy waters, and I think he'll find them full of wonderful folks.

Charming is a thinker, so that is what you are sure to find. He is a worshipper and lover of the Lord Jesus, and my favorite Anyone!

Go check him out, and leave a comment. Thanks!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

(photo: Lily and children and I went to see "Great-grandpa" last week.)

Today, my Daddy turns 86 years old.

Somehow, I still see him at near-40, the age he was when I began to have memories. Climbing on his back for horsey-play. Saturday afternoons when he would lay on a lawn-chaise lounge in the family room, with one baseball game on the black-and-white tv, and another on the radio, perched next to his ear, Carling Black-label beer in hand. Him being home on Memorial Day (always May 30 in those days), mowing the lawn, prepping for a cookout in the afternoon.

The first time I saw him cry, in the limo going to the cemetery to bury my five-year-old sister. Him leading us in family prayers: the rosary in early summer evenings, special prayers before supper during Advent. Grabbing my Mother for a quick kiss while cooking breakfast or dinner.

Helping him buy "the prettiest" jewelry box we could find, for Mother for Christmas one year. Him "standing in the gap" between Mother and her teenaged girl, who just thought that Life Was Unbearable with a mother who couldn't *possibly* understand...Daddy always did.

And always, always on his birthday (the first full-day of summer) Daddy saying to us, "Winter's coming--the days are getting shorter!"

But my most important memory--teaching me about God the Father, and the love He has for us--just like the love Daddy had for me.

For these things and so many, many more...Happy Birthday, Daddy. I love you.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Last Sunday, we had the privilege of being at the baby dedication of both Oxford and Cambridge. Here is Johnny Tremain, Lily, and Cambridge before the ceremony:
I didn't get a photo of Oxford until after church. Note that I trashed the jacket because the a/c at church wasn't *quite* working. Here is Rocky Balboa, Forget-me-not, and Ox with his brother Blueberry:
Tuesday, both girls came over with the babes. Somehow, I only got a picture of Forget-me-not's boys. Here she is with Oxford, who is rapidly growing out of his hat:

Blueberry wanted to play guitar while singing some of his "hits"--the B-I-B-L-E, I May Never March In The Infantry, and Zaccheus. I'm *very* proud, because he will strum through the entire song. I think we may have a musician here:

Lily helped me put together my quilt sandwich for Pretty Baskets:

This is how it will look, when I fill it with vintage hankies:

I just love it when a project turns out the way it looks when it is inside my head!
Alvin Fernald is supposed to have a baseball game in an hour, but it is raining pretty hard right now. We'll see...and this afternoon, Blackeyed Susan comes back from church camp! I have missed her, and I'm sure she will have lots to tell when she gets home!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Busy, Busy

Wow. The end-of-school-year whizzed right by me. I had a huge-O party on Memorial Day. Three days later, MacGuyver, his girlfriend Tiny Dancer, and Violet came into town. Chucked entire schedules for visiting, Visiting, VISITING. Violet stayed till this Monday. Still not on top of the Regular Schedule. (do you sometimes just LONG to Stay Home and Clean Floors?)

I started a new project. (Don't tell Charming. The phrase "new project" is not his favorite.) These are called "pretty baskets," and the handles have to be done by hand, perfect for *visiting* times:
I've seen "basket" quilt patterns many times before, but was never tempted to make one. This one makes the baskets into little pockets. I'm planning to put vintage hankies in them. I think it will be a neat way to display them, but still protecting them (I always handwash my hankies).

Last week, Blackeyed Susan decided she wanted to go to church camp (this coming-up Monday). Since she has grown six inches and lost three dress sizes since her last bathing suit, we had to hurry-up-buy-one. A difficult job, because I don't have time to order something online I was *sure* was modest. Here is what we found, at Target:
Verra, verra Hollywood-glam, don't you think? She'll be wearing shorts over it at camp.
Now, the best part:

Can you say "eight dollars and seventy-four cents?"
I'm afraid I won't get by so cheaply when I call the a/c repairman. I think we need a shot of coolant or something. Cold air is coming out of the vents, but I don't think it's up to speed. Erghhh.
Next on my plate: take Susan to the mall, pick up Alvin Fernald at a friend's, home for awhile...I'm sure there's more! The floors will have to wait just a bit longer...