Friday, December 16, 2011


Oh, the many WEEKS since I have blogged!! I have missed it. The problem is that I couldn't put together the time to *really* say what I wanted to say about things going on in my life. But, since I can't stand it any longer, I'll give you a little "digest:"

Charming's mother, my dear "Queen Darl," passed away early in November. We thought she was going to leave us in July, but the Lord spared her for a few months to us. We had a wonderful week with family, saying goodbye.

I finished my semester today! Looks like all A's for me. Next time: Anatomy & Physiology II, (medical) Office Admin. II, Basic (medical) Insurance Coding, and Interpersonal Communications. Spring Semester begins January 9, so I've gotta blog, blog, blog on break!!

Christmas. Decorating, except for the Tree. Charming works retail, so it's about all he can do to work, work, work. I'm 'bout to get a tree without him. Let's everybody stop shopping for about a week, so he can spend some time at home, okay? ; )

Today my sweet Forget-me-not turns 30! That makes five of my children in their thirties, one in their 20s, and two still-teens.

My daughter was named after a James Taylor song. I couldn't find a YouTube of J.T. singing it, but here is a good version:

Maybe I can get her Daddy to sing it to her, the next time he sees her...

I'm sure there are tons more things happening in my life, but my kitchen counters are piled with dishes (casualties of Finals Week), and I need to tend to them. I *promise* I'll be back soon!