Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm Susan!

I thought it would be fun to take this quiz, since Prince Caspian is coming out on the 16th. I'm most like Susan, which I guess means I'm the*Responsible* one! Just once I'd love to be the "fun," "childlike" one, but I never, never am, and, of course, that isn't my temperament anyway!

Maybe you'd like to take the quiz, too. (I'd love to see my son Don Quixote's results...)

Which Chronicles of Narnia character are you most like?
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You scored as Susan Pevensie

Susan Pevensie




Mr. Tumnus


Edmund Pevensie


Lucy Pevensie


Peter Pevensie


Mrs. Beaver


Mr. Beaver




The White Witch




Saturday, April 26, 2008

News, News, Good News

MacGuyver (seen here in-between Alvin Fernald and Johnny Tremain) called me on Thursday with the BestNewsInTheEntireUniverse!!!!!!

He is moving "home" in June! (well, almost...)

He has been in New York City for the past two years. He and his girlfriend Tiny Dancer will be moving to A City In Indiana That Is Two Hours Away. Just two hours! Not a "plane ticket" away.

Oh, we have missed him.

Oh, we will love on him. He has been home only twice since he moved. He has missed a few family events (including this past Christmas).

Watch out, MacGuyver. Hugs and kisses are comin' your way. Better stock up on Chapstick...

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Four-Twenty-One Club

Today is Joe Hardy's birthday. Twenty-nine, people. My little darlin' is twenty-nine.

Well, enough of that. Saying it over and over just makes me feel OLD.

Joe is a member of the Four-Twenty-one Club. (as in, April 21st.) He is one of five members of our family to share that birthday. Charming's sister was born on April 21st, Easter Sunday, in 1957. That is the last time that Easter was on April 21st, as well.

Next in line is my brother, born in 1960. His second son was born on his birthday in 1985. (nice birthday present, what?)

Finally, my Joe Hardy's cousin has a son born on The Day in 2004. That makes five members. Joe is the Middle Member (so far!) as well as the Linking Member--two others from my side of the fam, and two from Charming's.

I just love little random things that make life interesting, don't you? I also love that Randomness says that this can happen. For instance, when I am making a quilt, and I want the colors to be "random," I tend to place the colors "randomly," but never two of the same color net to each other . But, say you are throwing a handful of jacks. You may have three of them on top of each other, and others spaced apart, but un-evenly. So you see, having five people in your extended family with the same birthday *can* happen randomly.

[Cool, huh? But not as cool as MY birthday. Up until ten years ago, I had only met two people who shared my birthday. (except for Michael Jackson, but he doesn't count.) Then I find out that two other people who lived on my block have the same birthday as I.]

Randomly cool. That describes Joe Hardy pretty well!

It's a Cat's Life

Our cat, Sherman, found a plush spot smack in the middle of a pile of freshly laundered (and still warm) fabrics.

Naturally, as I pressed the fabrics, my lint-roller was nearby!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby Day

Yesterday, Charming's day off, was Visit The Grandbabies Day. We stopped by in the morning to see Blueberry...
...and six-week old Oxford:
Forget-me-not is so-so lucky to have such a good helper:
Next stop was Lily's house. I tried to take a photo of two-week-old Cambridge while he was softly sleeping. Instead, the flash woke him up:
Junior Asparagus, Laura Carrot, and Sweet Pea wanted to pose with their Daddy, who was home for lunch. It's pretty cool to work five blocks from home!
Finally! Cambridge woke up for Grandma:

There is not a more-fun day in the universe, than seeing your grandbabies. I am blessed, blessed, blessed that they live close enough to see all the time.
Today, Charming is working, but he has Friday and Saturday off, and We Are Going Away By Ourselves!
'Nuff said.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Funny Find

I'm re-reading The Harvester by Gene Stratton-Porter. I did not notice the Dedication page, the first time through reading it:

This portion of the life of a man of to-day is offered
in the hope that in cleanliness, poetic temperament and mental force, a likeness
will be seen



And, if that weren't cute enough, on the page opposite, I find this disclaimer:

All rights reserved, including that of translation into foreign
languages, including the Scandinavian.

Would any of you know why the Scandinavian languages were singled out, as if we wouldn't normally include them in the pantheon of "foreign languages?"

( The Harvester was published in 1911.)

Edited to add: See my daughter Violet's comment on this post. She gives a little info on Copyright Law at the turn of the 20th century.

Monday, April 07, 2008

A Little Bit of Loveliness

This is what greeted me this morning:

One lonely daffodil, providing a bit of sunshine in this decidedly late-starting spring.

What is quite remarkable, given my pathetic lack of talent regarding anything Green, is that my wonderfully-green-thumbed neighbor, Linda, said that *mine* is the very first daffodil she has seen anywhere around our neighborhood!

I think I'll consider it a little bit of Hope, sent by my Father to encourage me. Maybe Spring will indeed...Spring!

"Spring has sprung/The grass is riz./ I wonder where/ The flowers iz?"

Looks like right outside my front door!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Our Cambridge Don


Like, how did I forget my camera last evening when we went to see 20-hour-old new grandbaby?

Rest assured, he's even softer and pinker and cuddlier than last night (pictures below). He looks remarkably like his one-month old cousin, Oxford, which is going to be loads of fun in the next few months. Gollee, it sure is fun to get two babies in a month's time!

While we were visiting, Lily's midwife came to give her a check. It reminded me of my own home-birth experience with MacGuyver. Not nearly the Pinching and Probing of the hospital experience. Letting Lily's own body tell the midwife what was going on. Lily: Are you going to check my stomach? Midwife: You've told me about your bleeding, and your afterbirth pains. I won't have to check you r stomach. Blood pressure was great. She listened to baby's heart. Talked a bit about what to expect in the next three days, until she comes back. So quiet, as was the entire experience.

I think the best thing about a home-birth is that you begin to be a family right away. The husband isn't shunted off to spend the night without his new little one. Siblings wake up to the news of a new baby, and get to interact immediately.

I remember my mother telling me that she was the first one in her family (she is fifth of eight) to be born in a hospital. This was 1921, and it was the New and Safe thing. So we come full-circle, as so many things do.

Well, I've been thinking of a blog-name for this little one (tho' his name is so cute, I wish I could tell you!), and I think I've settled on Cambridge. He has his "almost-twin" Oxford, and, of course, they are both going to be super-intelligent. Look at the gene-pool, people!

And, by the way, thanks for those who prayed during this long week while Lily waited for labor to finish!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Worth the Wait!

After being in labor since Tuesday, Lily decided to finish the job tonight. Here is her fabulous midwife, talking her through transition:
It's a BOY (after only two pushes, that is just Wrong, people):
Babies born at home are generally very quiet. Here he is, getting introduced to Mommy and Daddy:
Even though *by the calendar* Lily was two weeks overdue, Baby's true gestational age (by testing) is 39 weeks. I'm so proud of Lily for sticking to her guns and waiting for God to decide when the baby was ready to come:
...getting those first few "words of wisdom" from Daddy, Baby is listening intently:
Baby boy was born on the 4th, the same day of the month as his Big Brother Junior Asparagus. He is 8 lbs. 6 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long.
Speaking of long, it's been a long day, and I am going to bed!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Waiting (Im)Patiently

Still, still waiting for Lily's baby.

The midwife came to her home twice yesterday. At 3:30 pm, Lily was 6 centimeters. She continued to have contractions six to seven minutes apart, at least until *I* left at 10 pm. Here it is 6-something a.m., I have gotten some sleep, and I certainly hope that Lily has, as well.

However, now that it *is* April 3, it is the Mathematically Correct Day for baby to make his or her entrance. If the baby is born today, he will be Exactly the same age apart with his oldest brother as his Daddy is from his oldest sister Violet, to the very day. Both are the fourth children in their families. Junior Asparagus's birthday is 03/04; this one's would be 04/03. Fun stuff to think about.

What I *don't* want to think about is how a person can stay at 6 cm and "holding." I mean, what is the baby doing in there? Hesitating? Having "second thoughts" about Life? Trying to make a "grand entrance?"

Good thing *he* can't hold out forever. You know how they say the Only Sure Things are death and taxes? I'm thinking "birth" should be added to the list. And then Somebody should let this baby know.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Working to Keep Us Healthy

Since you can catch the flu virus here:
or here:
Isn't it nice to know that your toilet cleaner will kill 99.9% of the flu virus...

inside your toilet bowl?
I know I'll sleep easier tonight.
*Alvin Fernald was not actually exposed to the influenza virus during the taking of these photos.