Thursday, April 03, 2008

Waiting (Im)Patiently

Still, still waiting for Lily's baby.

The midwife came to her home twice yesterday. At 3:30 pm, Lily was 6 centimeters. She continued to have contractions six to seven minutes apart, at least until *I* left at 10 pm. Here it is 6-something a.m., I have gotten some sleep, and I certainly hope that Lily has, as well.

However, now that it *is* April 3, it is the Mathematically Correct Day for baby to make his or her entrance. If the baby is born today, he will be Exactly the same age apart with his oldest brother as his Daddy is from his oldest sister Violet, to the very day. Both are the fourth children in their families. Junior Asparagus's birthday is 03/04; this one's would be 04/03. Fun stuff to think about.

What I *don't* want to think about is how a person can stay at 6 cm and "holding." I mean, what is the baby doing in there? Hesitating? Having "second thoughts" about Life? Trying to make a "grand entrance?"

Good thing *he* can't hold out forever. You know how they say the Only Sure Things are death and taxes? I'm thinking "birth" should be added to the list. And then Somebody should let this baby know.


Inglesidemom said...

Praying right now for Lily and baby - and grandma. ;-)

Julie said...

This will be the child that dawdles in everything, lol. Keep us posted!