Sunday, April 06, 2008

Our Cambridge Don


Like, how did I forget my camera last evening when we went to see 20-hour-old new grandbaby?

Rest assured, he's even softer and pinker and cuddlier than last night (pictures below). He looks remarkably like his one-month old cousin, Oxford, which is going to be loads of fun in the next few months. Gollee, it sure is fun to get two babies in a month's time!

While we were visiting, Lily's midwife came to give her a check. It reminded me of my own home-birth experience with MacGuyver. Not nearly the Pinching and Probing of the hospital experience. Letting Lily's own body tell the midwife what was going on. Lily: Are you going to check my stomach? Midwife: You've told me about your bleeding, and your afterbirth pains. I won't have to check you r stomach. Blood pressure was great. She listened to baby's heart. Talked a bit about what to expect in the next three days, until she comes back. So quiet, as was the entire experience.

I think the best thing about a home-birth is that you begin to be a family right away. The husband isn't shunted off to spend the night without his new little one. Siblings wake up to the news of a new baby, and get to interact immediately.

I remember my mother telling me that she was the first one in her family (she is fifth of eight) to be born in a hospital. This was 1921, and it was the New and Safe thing. So we come full-circle, as so many things do.

Well, I've been thinking of a blog-name for this little one (tho' his name is so cute, I wish I could tell you!), and I think I've settled on Cambridge. He has his "almost-twin" Oxford, and, of course, they are both going to be super-intelligent. Look at the gene-pool, people!

And, by the way, thanks for those who prayed during this long week while Lily waited for labor to finish!

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