Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow day.

Another snowstorm today. It began about 1:30 am, as predicted, already four inches on the ground. Wind will make it worse, but we are snugged in tight. Charming is on vacation, schools are closed. I am sorry that Blackeyed Susan is ill; Alvin Fernald is finally over it. It is running rampant through the schools, a combination of sore throat and chest cough.

(I wish I could have slept past 5:30 am, though.)

I took a free Word 2007 class this week, and got a 96% on the test. I'm trying to update my computer skills, to make me more marketable, job-wise. Not that I desire to work outside the home; I am completely satisfied to be Suzy Homemaker. But since Charming is making $20,000 less than he was five years ago, we have to hold out my working as a possibility. *If* I can get a job!

I have finished one of four "Sassy Girls" quilts I'm making for graduations this spring. Susan's will be quilted; her three friends' ones will be tied. I've finished one of the tied quilts, and am basting Susan's. The other two are ready to lay out, to make the quilt "sandwich." But I do that at Lily's house, and, well, the'll wait!

Still working on re-organizing my Fabric Mountain. Since much of my fabric is in my basement, it is easy to leave, and go back to as is convenient. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though, and am anxious to get the rubbermaids stacked up against the wall, all nice and neat!

But before that, COFFEE. Sorting laundry. Writing a letter to my sister. My "normal" Friday stuff. I'm thinking bean soup and cornbread for supper. Maybe some Waltons on the dvd player. A quiet Friday night will be a novelty!

Hope you have a nice "snow day," if that is happening where you live. And "someday," we'll see spring, right?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cornflake S. Pecially for Violet


Isn't it *wonderful* how hearing a certain song can take you right back to a particular place in your life? Most of the time it is a happy place. The other night, I was driving home with Blackeyed Susan, and listening to the Oldies (70's) station on the radio. "Reelin' in the Years" by Steely Dan came on. All of a sudden I threw the volume button 'way up: Susan! This was my favorite song in the spring of my senior year! In fact, it was *everybody's favorite song!* Everybody rolled down their windows and sang along when it came on!

[I could say the same thing about food. Just thinking about my grandma's chicken and noodles takes me right back...but that is a discussion for another day. This is about Music.]

We also learn things through music. I don't think we could begin to count how many things we have learned through a song. ABC's--hello. But this morning I was thinking about a Special Song by a Special Man--Mr. Rogers.

You are my friend
You are special
You are my friend
You're special to me.
You are the only one like you.
Like you, my friend, I like you.
In the daytime
In the nighttime
Anytime that you feel's the right time
For a friendship with me, you see
F-R-I-E-N-D special
You are my friend
You're special to me.
There's only one in this wonderful world
You are special.

You are Special
by Fred Rogers

Besides being an awesome song, it was also a teaching song. My daughter Violet (who has not only a Masters degree in English, but also placed third in a national spelling bee), not only learned to spell the word "friend" with the song, but still sings the song every time she writes the word...Friend.

I have to admit, I do, too. Thank you, Mr. Rogers.

Here is a link to a video. Just click on the little tv icon:

You are Special

Have a Special Day.

Friday, February 18, 2011

an Uncommon book.

"Every family ought to be...a little church, consecrated to Christ and wholly influenced and governed by His rules. And family education and order are some of the chief means of grace. If these fail, all other means are likely to prove ineffectual."

--Jonathan Edwards

I am reading Marriage to a Difficult Man: the Uncommon Romance of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards. I don't even have any words to describe how much I am loving it, and I'm not even to page 100 yet. I'll be writing more about it in the days to come, but I wanted to share this quote today.

The concept of "family education and order" being a "chief means of grace" is one that I could meditate on for years. I used to hear about something being a "means of grace," during my Catholic-upbringing years. Grace, of course, being God's "unmerited favor." Now, if I had to choose anything that my home has *not* been, it would be one of Order. Probably my biggest struggle, nope, Definitely my biggest struggle. But I think we did pretty well on the "family education" front. I look at my six grown children (really, people, there are eight--the last two are almost-eighteen and sixteen) and am pleased at how they turned out. But I readily admit that I am too-much married to the world and not to the Kingdom. Lots of work to do there. I really do need to take down all those "no trespassing" signs I've put in God's way.

I am thinking that this book is very timely for me. Sarah Edwards managed to raise eleven children while being married to a famous preacher, with all that entailed. (for instance, before the days of reputable inns, travelers preferred to stay at the homes of the local preachers. Many times Sarah hosted multiple guests at once, and often. There is no complaint of "busyness" I could manage to use as an excuse that would come close to what she had in her life, to account for my lack of discipline.

So, it's back to the book, and I will share as I go along!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Busy today...

I have not worked outside the home for sixteen years, so I am eligible to avail myself of some state-sponsored classes, at no cost. My last formal computer class was WordPerfect 2.1 (with white letters on a black screen), so the opportunity to take all of the Microsoft Office Suite is exciting.

Today's offering is PowerPoint. I've only done one powerpoint in my life, and that was with a tutorial (add photo NOW, click here NOW, you get the picture). The class is all-day, 8:30-4:30.

Next week I have a class, "Navigating the 2007 Ribbon." I'm told it's the "new toolbar." My PowerPoint runs with the Ribbon, so I will have some experience already. On the 21st I have Excel. I have never ever made a spreadsheet; should be interesting. The 23rd is Word--a place with which I'm much more familiar. The week after that I have Publisher, and then Access (don't even know what that is for!) is in several sessions through the end of the month.

Then I'll be ready for a new computer! Honey?

Update: I had to make a seven-slide PowerPoint presentation and "pass" to get a certificate. I got a 95%!! Yeah for me!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Five years.

Today marks five years since my precious Mother went home to be with the Lord.

Oh, how I miss her! She was my Mommy, after all, and how do you live without your Mommy? I remember, after getting married, calling her every time I got sick. I wished she could come take care of me, but knowing that she couldn't, I wanted her to *know,* anyway. She was always sympathetic, and told me to rest and drink plenty of liquids. Yeah, I already knew that, but needed to hear it from her.

One post would not be adequate to write my feelings about her, of course. Her love, her wisdom, her love of Scrabble (which I share!), her faith--all so much a part of my life, a part of who I am. I know that many women don't have a good relationship or any relationship at all, with their mothers; that makes me sad. I had the most wonderful mother! What an incredible blessing from the Lord!

So, if you still have your mother, give her a hug and kiss for me today, won't you?

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Great Snowstorm of '11, in which we dodged the bullet....

It looks like we dodged a bullet with the great snowstorm. Yesterday, they were predicting 8-15 inches of snow overnight. By the time I went to bed, they had lowered it to 1-3 inches. And I'm not sure we got even that. We *did* get the "wintry mix" of snow and freezing rain, with high winds, starting about 4pm, through the evening. I was happy to see Charming get home safely!

This morning, we are under a Level One snow emergency, which means that only emergency vehicles are allowed to be on the roads. So Charming will not be going into work, at least "on time," this morning.

I got up too early this morning, so "going back to bed" is definitely on the list. Or maybe just a long nap...I would also like to get back to my "organizing my fabric" project. I started it three weeks ago, and never got back to it. Being in the basement, I can leave-it-and-come-back-to-it, but I can't seem to get back to it! I think it will be a nice project for a Snow Day.

I'd love to share a link from Little Jenny Wren. Beautiful thoughts for a Slow-down Day. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011