Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow day.

Another snowstorm today. It began about 1:30 am, as predicted, already four inches on the ground. Wind will make it worse, but we are snugged in tight. Charming is on vacation, schools are closed. I am sorry that Blackeyed Susan is ill; Alvin Fernald is finally over it. It is running rampant through the schools, a combination of sore throat and chest cough.

(I wish I could have slept past 5:30 am, though.)

I took a free Word 2007 class this week, and got a 96% on the test. I'm trying to update my computer skills, to make me more marketable, job-wise. Not that I desire to work outside the home; I am completely satisfied to be Suzy Homemaker. But since Charming is making $20,000 less than he was five years ago, we have to hold out my working as a possibility. *If* I can get a job!

I have finished one of four "Sassy Girls" quilts I'm making for graduations this spring. Susan's will be quilted; her three friends' ones will be tied. I've finished one of the tied quilts, and am basting Susan's. The other two are ready to lay out, to make the quilt "sandwich." But I do that at Lily's house, and, well, the'll wait!

Still working on re-organizing my Fabric Mountain. Since much of my fabric is in my basement, it is easy to leave, and go back to as is convenient. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though, and am anxious to get the rubbermaids stacked up against the wall, all nice and neat!

But before that, COFFEE. Sorting laundry. Writing a letter to my sister. My "normal" Friday stuff. I'm thinking bean soup and cornbread for supper. Maybe some Waltons on the dvd player. A quiet Friday night will be a novelty!

Hope you have a nice "snow day," if that is happening where you live. And "someday," we'll see spring, right?

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Jen said...

Wow - our lives are almost mirroring one anotehr this weekend! I woke at 4 a.m. yesterday to hear the wind kicking up and the snow hitting the windows. Everything was closed around here. Hubby is recovering from a chest cold and congestion and our 9 year old is down with it and a fever today. This has been the sickest of winters for us ever!

Hope you are still warmed up in time for the next blast. We are getting it in the form of rain, or so they say....