Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cornflake S. Pecially for Violet


Isn't it *wonderful* how hearing a certain song can take you right back to a particular place in your life? Most of the time it is a happy place. The other night, I was driving home with Blackeyed Susan, and listening to the Oldies (70's) station on the radio. "Reelin' in the Years" by Steely Dan came on. All of a sudden I threw the volume button 'way up: Susan! This was my favorite song in the spring of my senior year! In fact, it was *everybody's favorite song!* Everybody rolled down their windows and sang along when it came on!

[I could say the same thing about food. Just thinking about my grandma's chicken and noodles takes me right back...but that is a discussion for another day. This is about Music.]

We also learn things through music. I don't think we could begin to count how many things we have learned through a song. ABC's--hello. But this morning I was thinking about a Special Song by a Special Man--Mr. Rogers.

You are my friend
You are special
You are my friend
You're special to me.
You are the only one like you.
Like you, my friend, I like you.
In the daytime
In the nighttime
Anytime that you feel's the right time
For a friendship with me, you see
F-R-I-E-N-D special
You are my friend
You're special to me.
There's only one in this wonderful world
You are special.

You are Special
by Fred Rogers

Besides being an awesome song, it was also a teaching song. My daughter Violet (who has not only a Masters degree in English, but also placed third in a national spelling bee), not only learned to spell the word "friend" with the song, but still sings the song every time she writes the word...Friend.

I have to admit, I do, too. Thank you, Mr. Rogers.

Here is a link to a video. Just click on the little tv icon:

You are Special

Have a Special Day.

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