Friday, March 04, 2011

My Daddy can fix anything.

I stole this facebook post from my friend Wende, who had spent some time in our church's prayer room:

"Comfy couch, soft fuzzy blanky, quiet prayer room and the best part: the Lord wrapping His arms around me, whispering to me to rest in Him. Just letting ya know the Prayer Room is all prayed up for those who are weary! Run to Him and He will give you rest."

Isn't that sweet? I especially love the phrase "the Prayer Room is all prayed up." Imagine if I get up extra early, with my coffee and my Bible, and have a precious time with the Lord. Then, when Honey gets up, I say, "the couch is all 'prayed up.' Come, and welcome!"

I had a dear friend many years ago, who told me that she always pictured herself climbing up into her Father's lap, in a big rocking chair, sharing her highs and lows, as well as her requests. Our four-year-olds have this down pat: Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! and running into his arms. Whatever the boo-boo, whatever the crisis, whatever the need, our little ones know where to run. And they don't waste any time doing it.

I know I'll be running to Him today. How about you?

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