Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nothin' much.

I see that it is many days since I have blogged. I keep waiting for something interesting to happen to me, to write about. Of course, when nothin' much is happening, that's okay, too. "No news is good news," you know.

I've spent the last ten or eleven days suffering with a lower back problem. This is not something I am used to--bless the Lord, I have not had the lower back problems (or other things, such as migraines) that plague so many people. Chronic pain? Not a part of my life.

I did something biggie to my back, tho'. I went to the chiropractor, who predicted four visits to get this in order. My first visit, I rated my pain 8-9, on a scale of 10. Yesterday, I told him it was down to a 3, with about 85% improvement. Praise the Lord for chiropractors! Non-invasive treatment, with alternating heat and ice did the trick. (okay, I did 'bout go through a bottle of ibuprofen..) My sister, who does essential oils, told me to rub lavender oil on the places where I had spasms. All good stuff! Today, I'm doing laundry--what a treat when I have been unable for going-on two weeks.

Other than that, we are at the time of year when things start to heat up, as far as the schedule goes. Blackeyed Susan's graduation, Alvin Fernald with his newly minted driver's permit. I have a huge problem with my new cellphone account, that I will have to fix face-to-face with someone. A flat tire on my van that I need to take care of today. All those things that take me out of the house anyway, and I'd rather be "spring cleaning."

But I've had my coffee, checked my facebook, and am ready to go! Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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Jen said...

Hello - missed you - too busy to write more as my life is too busy this week....praying for your back!