Monday, April 21, 2008

The Four-Twenty-One Club

Today is Joe Hardy's birthday. Twenty-nine, people. My little darlin' is twenty-nine.

Well, enough of that. Saying it over and over just makes me feel OLD.

Joe is a member of the Four-Twenty-one Club. (as in, April 21st.) He is one of five members of our family to share that birthday. Charming's sister was born on April 21st, Easter Sunday, in 1957. That is the last time that Easter was on April 21st, as well.

Next in line is my brother, born in 1960. His second son was born on his birthday in 1985. (nice birthday present, what?)

Finally, my Joe Hardy's cousin has a son born on The Day in 2004. That makes five members. Joe is the Middle Member (so far!) as well as the Linking Member--two others from my side of the fam, and two from Charming's.

I just love little random things that make life interesting, don't you? I also love that Randomness says that this can happen. For instance, when I am making a quilt, and I want the colors to be "random," I tend to place the colors "randomly," but never two of the same color net to each other . But, say you are throwing a handful of jacks. You may have three of them on top of each other, and others spaced apart, but un-evenly. So you see, having five people in your extended family with the same birthday *can* happen randomly.

[Cool, huh? But not as cool as MY birthday. Up until ten years ago, I had only met two people who shared my birthday. (except for Michael Jackson, but he doesn't count.) Then I find out that two other people who lived on my block have the same birthday as I.]

Randomly cool. That describes Joe Hardy pretty well!

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