Friday, June 13, 2008


Last Sunday, we had the privilege of being at the baby dedication of both Oxford and Cambridge. Here is Johnny Tremain, Lily, and Cambridge before the ceremony:
I didn't get a photo of Oxford until after church. Note that I trashed the jacket because the a/c at church wasn't *quite* working. Here is Rocky Balboa, Forget-me-not, and Ox with his brother Blueberry:
Tuesday, both girls came over with the babes. Somehow, I only got a picture of Forget-me-not's boys. Here she is with Oxford, who is rapidly growing out of his hat:

Blueberry wanted to play guitar while singing some of his "hits"--the B-I-B-L-E, I May Never March In The Infantry, and Zaccheus. I'm *very* proud, because he will strum through the entire song. I think we may have a musician here:

Lily helped me put together my quilt sandwich for Pretty Baskets:

This is how it will look, when I fill it with vintage hankies:

I just love it when a project turns out the way it looks when it is inside my head!
Alvin Fernald is supposed to have a baseball game in an hour, but it is raining pretty hard right now. We'll see...and this afternoon, Blackeyed Susan comes back from church camp! I have missed her, and I'm sure she will have lots to tell when she gets home!

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Joy said...

Oh I love that quilt with the hankies. Very cute! Your grandbaby is a doll too!