Thursday, September 07, 2006

Moms for Modesty

One of these days, I will figure out what is the matter with my Hyper-Linking Thing. I never have a problem on my other blog, but, oh well.

Here is a link to an important post for Moms for Modesty:

Go there and put your two cents in, to let retailers know that we desire to dress our daughters modestly, both for their sakes and the sakes of our sons. This is not a battle that we fight once, but every season that comes around. Twenty years ago, it was the "bike shorts" with the lingerie lace on the bottom. Thirty years ago it was the first go-round of the low-rider pants/midriff tops. Forty years ago, I fought with my mother over mini-skirts. (she won that argument, by the way...)

So many, many expressions are common today that used to mean the vilest things: "that s*cks," "bite me," "frickin'" (or "flippin'")...we find them on t-shirts for our littlest ones. They call them Attitude shirts. Then we have the messages on the Backsides of shorts and sweats. Hey, don't bother looking at my face--that's not where *I* live. That's the message the guys are getting.

Satan wants our children. He wants to burden our sons with the "every man's battle." He wants to deceive our daughters into thinking that to "fit in," they have to go with *his* crowd. He wants to make parents so busy or so tired that they don't have the energy to fight him.

The world is the world, friends. It has always been so. It is getting harder to be "in the world, not of it," because "back in the day," morality seemed to be stronger than immorality. We know that this is no longer so, we are fighting Uphill now. The good news is that God also wants our children. So we have an ally to bear us up when we are weary of the battle.

Go to everyday mommy. Get on board. Keep alert in your own life. Buy from companies that make the effort.

And don't forget to pray.

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