Friday, September 08, 2006

Finished Project--ME!!

I decided to get my hair cut, after over two years. Here is a "before" photo, like the ones in advertisements, with no makeup and no smile, a la "mug shots:"
Here is "after." My hair usually takes a week or so to settle into what it's going to do, but I am happy with it already! It is naturally curly, so with "curling mousse" it really goes cutesy:
I've begun my fall decorating. Here is my buffet, with silk flowers and candles. The candlesticks on the left were a wedding gift for my parents, so they are 65 years old:
I found the candlestick on the right at the thrift store this week. I think it looks all art-deco-ey:
My other thrift-store goody is a book I have wanted to own for a couple of years, since I got it at the library. It has my name written all over it:
If you want to know about that, read about it here:

So far, the people who have seen me (with my new hair) think I look ten years younger. That's a really good thing. Maybe it will be a springboard to other, healthy behaviors that will really count...

I'll leave you with a bit of wisdom from Eeyore:

"Even at the very bottom of the river, don't stop to say to yourself, "Is this a Hearty Joke, or is it the Merest Accident?" Just float to the surface and say to yourself, "It's wet."


April 1930s said...

You look spectacular! And, YES! You DO look 10 years younger. :) Wow - oh - wow, what a transition! I have-tuh-say, though, quite jealous of your naturally curly hair. I want it.

Copper's Wife said...

Cute haircut!!! Very cute!! I LOVE the before and after shots, too.....cute idea. Your fall decorating is coming along beautifully. I especially like your buffet vignette.

plainandsimple said...

I love your new you're ten years younger does that make you 25?

Terri said...

I love it, Barbara! Very cute!

Love the fall decorating, too, and especially the Eeyore quote!

G.L.H. said...

Mrs. April,
I love my curly hair...NOW. In the 70's it was quite a trial--long and straight was the thing. I even tried ironing it, once...can you say, Don't Try This At Home?

Mrs. Copper's Wife,
Thanks for the compliments!!

Mrs. Plain and Simple,
You are my new best friend...25!! I'll live on that for a good long while...

Mrs. Terri,
I AM Eeyore...thanks for your compliments!

tam said...

You look so great! I'm sure the "mug shot" was exaggerated but nonetheless your "new look" is just "fab"!

April 1930s said...

My mom told me she used to iron her hair, too... (Don't know why since it's already straight as a board.) I still want your curls. :)