Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Thoughts from Brenda

I'm going to link you to a post from Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me here:

I still haven't figured out why I can't do a link--I always get a message about a closing tag or something--maybe my "cookies" are not right. But anyway, Brenda has some beautiful, beautiful thoughts about Frugal Luxuries--those things that "make our hearts sing."

Karen Andreola, in A Charlotte Mason Companion, a book about homeschooling, calls this Mother Culture. If we take on the responsibilities of educating our children in addition to the "home duties," we will most certainly burn out, if we are not refreshed ourselves. So we read good books. We listen to great music. We surround ourselves with those little luxuries that mean so much to US, individually. Taking the time (be it just a little time) to make ourselves Richer. This, of course, can be said for mothers who work outside the home as well. Just plain Mothers and Wives, period.

Brenda (above) says this so awfully, awfully well. It's like she got into my mind and pulled out *my* thoughts, only she can say them better than I can.

Most of us don't have hours every day to enrich ourselves. Maybe we have minutes. But if we surround ourselves with things we love, we can get the most out of the minutes we have. I always say that my afternoon "cuppa" is Life-Giving.

So have a piece of Mother Culture today. Read Brenda's thoughts.

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