Thursday, September 21, 2006

Hi, Lily, Hi Lo

Today is my dear, dear daughter-in-love Lily's birthday. I was looking for a photo to stick in here, but I don't know if I have any without her hubby and three children in it. (I do tend to take scads of photos of those dear babies!--I need to take care of that little issue.)

I wrote about Lily on My Other Blog (see sidebar) today, if you want to know some of the wonderful things about Lily. I just wanted to add a couple more things here:

Lily embraced the idea of being a wife, mother, and home-maker early on. She received a little resistance to "not using your college degree (in El. Ed), /wasting your education." She realizes that an education is more than just a way to have a career in the world. Education is for the person--to make the PERSON better. Of course, an elementary ed. degree is not wasted, for a mother of children (as I also told my daughter, who has a degree in psychology....)

Lily is much more organized than her mother-in-law, but she loves me, anyway. She is a true "daughter"--doing those things my own daughters do, when it comes to family events, routine, celebratory, or "crisis-type".

Lily wants to learn to knit and to sew. She has already done a cross-stitch project, and she is a madwoman when it comes to scrapbooking. She is enlarging her cooking repertoire, and is a master "garage-sailor." She is an advocate for more natural mothering (better food, limited vaccinations, natural family planning), and she has a heart for young mothers who live away from their natural mother/grandmother/aunt support group. She often will have scads of mothers and babies in her home for fellowship.

Happy birthday, Lily--we love you. You make us better people. Thanks for desiring to be a part of our Clan.

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