Sunday, August 24, 2008


Thursday night, Johnny Tremain and Lily came for dinner with the children. We also had Blueberry and Oxford, because their parents Forget-me-not and Rocky Balboa were going out to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary (congrats, guys!).
Of course, there was lots of noise and fun happening. At one point, Johnny asked, "where can I find a band-aid?" Thinking he was asking Lily or me, he (and all of us) was surprised when Sweet Pea answered, "in the bathroom, in the cupboard, behind the mirror." (medicine cabinet)
Have I mentioned that Sweet Pea turned two in May? That makes her two years and three months old. I'm sure she is still far away from the time she is supposed to be able to FOLLOW three-part directions. How old is the "norm" for GIVING three-part directions?
A budding genius, I'm sure. Yet, I know that it may be an anomaly, and may not happen again.
Till she's five or so, when she is "supposed" to be doing it. I guess nobody told her she wasn't "supposed" to know it yet!

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