Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Extra-Fun Day

We got to watch Blueberry and Oxford this morning for awhile. It seems that Blackeyed Susan wore Blueberry out. He fell asleep in the middle of the fun:
I got to feed Oxford his breakfast, then put him down for a nap. His being here reminded me that I never took a photo of his baby quilt. Here is Rainy Day Friends:
Blueberry helped Susan show off the cute-ducky flannel backing:

We got the boys unexpectedly, because Forget-me-not had been chosen to be in a panel-discussion at a local grocery which is getting a remodel. They wanted to know what the people who would actually be shopping there, needed in their "ideal" store. She spent two hours there, and they paid her $75.00. CASH.
Meanwhile, I'm trying to get ready to go on vacation. We had planned to leave Saturday morning, even tho' Charming's first day of vay-cay is Friday. Naturally, as the time has gotten closer, we decided to leave Friday instead. So, this chick who's biggest bugaboo is being Resistant to Change, is hyperventilating, trying to change gears. But I have my lists, and have got quite a bit of stuff goin' on. However, my Eeyore self will come to the forefront, and I can only see how much is Still Undone. And I can feel myself on the brink of Overwhelm-ment.
Take a breath. Go to bed. Tomorrow the lists will Work For You.
I think I can do this. Right?

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Inglesidemom said...

Love the quilt!

Have a great time on vacation. I'll miss your posts.