Thursday, August 21, 2008

Great Haul from the Sally

My friend Kay and I went to the Salvation Army, and there were a number of great things, which, being best buddies, we *hardly* argued over. (really, Kay deferred to me for "first pickin's".) First off, not one but Two wool blankets (don't you love the orchid plaid one?):
Next, a 35th anniversary plate, even tho' our 33rd anniversary is October. I can wait for two years to decorate with it, as it is my favorite color, Green:

(by the way, Kay took the 30th anniversary plate, because she celebrated hers last month.)
Here we have almost a yard of red velvet for 49 cents (for doll clothes), a vintage pj pattern for twenty cents, and a book of the letters of Thomas Jefferson (this is going to Violet, the presidential-letter buff):

And, my glory-find of the day: four vintage hankies from a woman with very sophisticated taste. These are not like any of my other hankies, which are mostly floral or lacy, and tend to pinks/greens/blues/yellows. Get a load of the Tans and Salmons:

These appliques are hand-done, with teeny-tiny stitches, of course:

Even tinier applique, and hand-hemming:

I see them as a sign of a slower, gentler time. Like darning socks or "turning" collars and cuffs. Or any kind of patching. I have done each of those, but certainly not on a regular basis. I think that is why we love to buy homely, useful things from a former time. It really gives us a sense of how these women lived. And we feel that "sisterhood" of women, who are the same as we are in so many ways. We are all nurturing our families, making a haven for our loved ones, and trying to fill our lives and homes with beauty. I love my role in civilization!


Inglesidemom said...

How fun! Great finds!


April said...

Pea green over here.