Thursday, August 07, 2008


Jewels at Eyes of Wonder has returned to Blogland!

If you did not know Jewels before (she quit blogging almost a year ago to give more attention to her family), you will want to visit her right away. She is the mother of a large family who has attained what so many of us want--a simple lifestyle. A life Lived Deliberately.

It will rest you just to visit, but besides that, she is a Titus 2 woman who shares her wisdom liberally. It is never a waste of time to stop by her place. Grab your "cuppa" and get on over there!

(I never took her link off my sidebar, hoping she would return...)

1 comment :

Ruthie said...

Nice pix of the reunion. I love the quilt. That's gorgeous.
By the way - I hope that spider wasn't a black widow! I do not like spiders at all.
Have a good weekend.