Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Charming's Family Reunion

Warning: Post is photo-heavy. Proceed at your own risk:

First off, we have Forget-me-not and Baby Oxford, now five months old:
Here is Johnny Tremain, with Laura Carrot and Sweet Pea in Great-Grandma's pool:
Baby Cambridge snuggling up to Uncle Joe Hardy:

Blackeyed Susan and Tiny Dancer caught eating dessert:

A real treat: Charming's cousin Norman came, who Charming hasn't seen for years'n'years'n'years:

If you are married to a musician (or the mother of one), you know the Musician Face that they wear while they are In The Groove: (from left, our niece Jackie, Charming, and his best friend Mikey.)

Time for Charming's brother Matt to open his quilt. Here he is, checking out the squares:

A hug with the maker (ME!!!):

Junior Asparagus found a spider and an egg-sac inside Grandma's house. Several people tried to get a photo (I wanted one of Junior watching, but didn't get it), but at least I got one of "Charlotte:"

It was a wonderful, wonderful day. The weather was perfect, (so was the food--you know the family-reunion-thing), visiting was fantastic. My heart was very full by the end of the day. I think I got a photo of all of my kids, but the ones of Violet and Don Quixote weren't too good. It has been about ten years since all of my children have been at this reunion at the same time.
Good, good stuff. I love Family.

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