Friday, August 01, 2008

Busy, Busy Day

I finished this quilt, "just in time." It is for Charming's brother, who is coming in from New York City for Charming's family get-together tomorrow.
Most of the squares have a NYC theme, and I alternated them with nine-patch squares. The bright blue in the quilt is one of my favorite fabrics ever, ever, ever.

Today was Alvin's last day of baseball for the summer season. He is in the middle front, with the green batting helmet:
I made him come closer so I could get a better photo:

Johnny Tremain (left) came with two of my grandbabies. MacGuyver (right) came from Indy as a surprise for Alvin. He even made a t-shirt for Alvin with his name on it:

MacGuyver's girlfriend, Tiny Dancer, tossed a ball with Junior Asparagus. She is breaking in her brand-new mitt, which Mac bought on clearance at Wal-mart yesterday for...wait for it...Two Dollars. (gotta get me to Wallyworld...)

Sweet Pea stayed close by Grandma. She's wearing a Notre Dame cap as protection against the raindrops during the game:

After the game, awards were given. Alvin received the Silver Bat award for the highest batting average--a whopping .588! (so proud, here...) Then we all caravanned over to my Dad's nursing home for a visit. We finished our morning with lunch out, then home for some downtime.
I have finished my batch of potato salad for the reunion tomorrow, and found bathing suits, towels, and camp chairs. Tomorrow early, I will make an oatmeal cake (recipe to follow in a couple of days, Jennifer!) and we'll be off for the day to Charming's Mom's house. Another great-big-day, full of food, love, food, conversation, food, softball, swimming, music,!
See ya' later. Gotta get some sleep!

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April said...

LOOOOOOOOOVE THE quilt, Barbie! Wowwowowowowowow!