Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beautiful Lake Huron

We were blessed to be able to go on a vacation last week to a cottage in Port Austin, Michigan. If you look at Michigan as a mitten, it is at the top of the "thumb," on Lake Huron.

Somehow, I got so relaxed that taking photographs didn't happen, for the most part. Here is one of Charming and Alvin Fernald, getting ready for a hike:
...and we did manage to get the "group" picture, sort of. Here is Charming's dad, and the four of us:
...and here is Charming's dad and his lovely wife Lynn, whose family owns the cottage we stayed at, as well as the year-round house next door:

Now, I *did* manage to get photos every night of the sunsets. They are so amazing, looking across the lake. There were biggie winds on Saturday night, (notice our faces blowing away) necessitating the use of three blankets in order to stay outside long enough for the sun to do its thing:

Oh, but it was so, So worth it.

I snuck a photo of Alvin skimming rocks on the beach, waiting for the sunset:

Every single night, the Lord put on a new *extravaganza*. I think this one was Wednesday night--going...



Living in a town, there is never enough horizon to see the entirety of a sunset. Up there, you can actually see the sun "slipping over" the edge. I can surely understand how the ancient people thought the sun god rode a chariot from east to west everyday. And even how people in the Middle Ages thought that the sun orbited the earth. Anyone just using their eyes and their common sense might think so. It is a great example of how, sometimes, Things Aren't As They Appear.
My favorite definition of "science" is Discovering what God has Already Done. How marvelous is the study of the history of science, as the Lord has allowed man to uncover, bit by bit, how His created world works.
We didn't swim much (temps in the 60's and very low 70's), but spent a lot of "lake-watching" time. Time to rest. Time to ponder. Time to wonder. Time for gratitude.
Time. What a great gift.
What a great God!

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Inglesidemom said...

Welcome back! I am glad you had a nice time and got at least a few pictures.

Good to have you back.