Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Old Home Week

My sister was in town last week from Arizona. We did so many, many things! But I think she took 'way most of the photos. The few that were on my camera were *pitiful*, if I was trying to make you understand the fun, Fun, FUN we had.

Monday last, Janny came over for supper. Lily brought over some of her scrapbooking equipment, because I had purchased a vintage photo album (you know, the kind with the black pages) to use to make a Yo-Yo Sisterhood scrap album. This is what we call our little sisterhood, and, yes, it's like the movie of the similar name. Only take out the mental illness/cr*ppy childhood things. Keep the great memories/coming of age/love abounding stuff.

We had some photos of our previous gatherings that I wanted to put in the Book. I found out that the fancy "white" pen I bought (archival, acid free, etc. etc.) didn't work as well as a plain ol' white crayola crayon. The idea for this book is not to be archival (although my parents' old photo albums are still in as pristine condition as when they put them together) but just FUN.

So we put the pages together, and I glued some fabric yo-yos on the cover, and put in big green glitter letters: The Divine Secrets of the Yo-Yo Sisterhood:

Tuesday night was the meeting of the Sisterhood. Four members were present--my sister and I, and my two brothers' wives, Robin and Debbie. We met at Janny's hotel room, and had the pool and whirlpool to ourselves for a long time. We then went back to the room for the yummiest food you could get "to go"--chicken salad on croissants, broccoli/raisin salad, berries, good cheese. For dessert we had creme brulee, introduced to us at the 2003 Yo-Yo "convention" by our Auntie Marylin. We share this dessert every time we meet in our town.

We shared gifts, including Chocolate. We shared little bits of those girlie books that have quotes and poems and little stories about being Sisters or Mothers and such. We talked and talked and laughed and laughed--girl style. It was a beautiful evening, made even more beautiful because of the blessing of four sisters who love the Lord and have loved each other for decades.

Wednesday was Janny and Barbie Day. We wanted to make it special, but not too far away. We chose to go to Huntington, a town 25 miles away, where my father was born, and forty-seven-twelve thousand other family members lived. We first went to Plaster*er's Antiques (take out the asterisk and you have my maiden name). It is run by a distant cousin, the grandson of Eiffel Plasterer and his wife. We had a wonderful time, talking family history. Edward (the cousin) and I could both rattle off the "roll" of our family genealogy in America--Heinrich, Conrad, Conrad, George, Henry, Richard, Robert (my Dad) and Barbie. That makes me eighth generation, and my grandbabies tenth generation Americans. Edward's line diverged after George, but what is really cool is that we could still feel the connection--we are "blood" relatives. Kinda puts that boring Numbers and Chronicles stuff I've been reading into perspective. I realize that all those Biblical genealogies were important--at least to the Israelites, right?

Janny and I both bought two teacup-and-saucer sets for our collections. We then went to Elizabeth's Tea Room (no website, but a super-cool place) for lunch. It is in a historical home, and was "atmosphere sublime" for chicks. I don't think they mean to cater to men...well, the guys have their "sports bars" for that purpose, right?

Wonderful time lingering over lunch, talking and talking together.


Thursday, we had Janny to dinner at my house again, and it was her chance to visit with my children (and grands!) and my one lone nephew in town. Lots of laughter and talkin' goin' on. AND...she brought me my fabulous birthday present. (which I will share when I have a photo...)

Friday, I think all we did was to have lunch together. We were pretty tired by that time, after all.

Saturday morning, Janny went back to Huntington, to the Indiana Room at the Public Library, where they have an enormous file on our family. She chose several things to photocopy and share with us. Saturday night, my brother had all of us siblingsand spouses over for a cookout. (He makes fabulous ribs!) We had wonderful fellowship around the fire, as well. A great ending to a full, full, "family" week.

Now, it's back to laundry, dishes, and the myriad little chores that keep the house running. I'm also working on lesson plans for the fall semester (a little late, but, oh, well...). Saturday we have the get-together of Charming's family. In two weeks is our vacation. Somewhere along the line, Normalcy will return.

I'm hopin'.

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Inglesidemom said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! I am an only child, as is hubby, so we live vicariously off of other's great sibling memories. I look forward to my own children having these 'conventions' one day.

I am speaking on Maintaining Motivation and Enthusiasm at a mini homeschool mom conference on Sat. Got any ideas to share that helped you? You can email them to me or post 'em on my blog.