Thursday, July 17, 2008

Goodwill Happiness

Had a great trip to two Goodwills in town this week. I found six bread-and-butter plates and four dinner plates in the vintage "Colonial Homestead" pattern. I actually collect "The Olde Curiosity Shop" pattern, but this is very similar, and with my family growing (19 now and with no signs of stopping!) this is very welcome. I also found *just one* Mikasa plate, which will go into the everyday stack: These were new, ($3.99 each) and I got three: one for Alvin Fernald, one for Junior Asparagus, and one for Blueberry. They have my last name printed on them--fun!!
Ooh, and this goodie--a Pampered Chef coffee carafe--$3.00:
I also scored several books for the Gift Box, and a Spiderman camp chair for Blueberry.
Now, back to work!


Cambiel said...

Those are beautful finds. I hope you and your family will get a great deal of pleasure from them.
I found you while blog-hopping - I think it was because we both have the film, Randon Harvest, as one of our favourites (no spelling mistake, I'm from England). Anyway, you have a lovely blog and I have enjoyed reading it :-)
Best wishes, Chris (Cambiel)

Ruthie said...

Those Mikasa plates are lovely. You'll definately enjoy them and all your other finds. Isn't it fun to find "treasures" while shopping????