Thursday, July 03, 2008

Oh, yeah, Baby!

MSNBC has posted a Citizenship test that you can take for fun. Here are my results:

You answered 100% of questions correctly.
Oh, yeah, baby!
I notice, however, that all of the questions have to do with History dates or History facts. Not to pooh-pooh the homeschool mantra that "that is no way to learn history/history learned that way will be soon-forgotten," I am thirty-five years "out" from high school, and, of course, some of those questions I learned in fourth-grade civics class.
I am certainly teaching my children from Good Books--they are what makes history "come alive." But I have found, especially in my homeschooling experience, that the Facts and the Dates are where you place the Great Stories. Don't forget the penchant of homeschooling families to have a Timeline around the perimeter of their dining rooms!
Okay. Down off my soapbox. Time to toot my own horn!
Challenge to my family peeps to do the test yourselves!

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