Sunday, July 06, 2008

A Blessed, Blessed Evening

Charming and Alvin Fernald were privileged to be part of a group ministering at a small fellowship this evening. Here they are, setting up:
I'm so Mommy-proud, because this is Alvin's first "gig" playing *out,* and he got to do it with his Daddy.

This is a group of musicians that get together for a Jam Session every other Tuesday. The leaders are Charming and Nancy Honeytree. Nancy is in blue:
Also among the muscians are two of the original members ofPetra. The lead guitar is behind Alvin, in front of the window:
So, not only was the worship amazing, and the message "right-to-the-heart," this Jesus freak chick was in groupie heaven...
This capped off a day of beautiful weather, wonderful worship at our home church, and then the evening Honeytree and Friends concert. I feel full and warm inside, encouraged and Ready For The Week Ahead!

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Ruthie said...

What a blessing. Thanks for sharing.