Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Shoot Me And Get It Over With

Blackeyed Susan after youth group last evening, pointing out two foreign exchange students:

"Joao is from Brazil, and Alberto is from Italy. Are those two countries next to each other?"

In her defense, she made the statement because the two boys knew each other before they started coming to youth group this summer, and she was trying to figure that out. AND...

We all say really dumb stuff from time to time, right? AND...

So, all the times I lament public school students not knowing where Mexico or Canada is, and saying, Thank Goodness I'm homeschooling, 'cause that would Never Happen to Me...well...

I guess we are all human.

But I *am* going to dig out that Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego game.



Inglesidemom said...

That's hysterical! Hopefully she did not say that in front of a group of people?

Thanks for your comment about Nathan. I think you might be the type of person who would appreciate him. If I ever come to F. W. I will be sure to bring him. :-))


Meshellay9 said...

You are soooo funny!! I'm so glad we're friends, my dear... I don't care HOW young I am!! HA!
Love you,