Friday, March 09, 2007

Wonder-Lily finishes her project

Lily finished her GiNormous project last night:
Look at all these pockets, some of them elasticized:
I tell you, that girl is stubborn a wonder, tackling such a big project the very first time using a pattern.

Well, after getting so all-fired excited yesterday about the new way to make fabric circles using aluminum foil, I tried it last evening and it was a miserable failure. I think maybe you need "heavy duty" foil, and I only had the cheap stuff. The foil ripped and shredded, and was of no use to help form the circles.
I went back to another method I had read about. Here is how that works: you cut a circle of the same size out of muslin or light interfacing. Putting right sides together, sew a 1/8 inch seam all around. Make a slit in the muslin or interfacing and turn right side out. Press, and your circle is ready to applique. I was able to do six or eight circles last night, so my black/white project is On Its Way.
Later this morning I am taking Blackeyed Susan to the dance store to be fitted for her first pair of pointe shoes! (think $$$$ here) Her teacher is meeting us there, too. I will try to remember my camera--this is a milestone event for which Susan has waited a long time.
Well, I'm off to check math tests for Susan and Alvin Fernald....

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