Friday, March 30, 2007


Oh. My. Goodness! Look what was delivered to me yesterday morning:
These gorgeous things arrived with a card reading "to the greatest Mom a son could have." They are from my darling son-in-love Rocky Balboa. I knew he had great taste (he chose my daughter, after all) but the guy is a Total Package of Taste. Thanks to him so, so much!

I finally made a summer purse for myself out of a cute vintage-sewing-themed print I purchased last year (or the year before...):
I made some pockets, but forgot and put them all the way to the bottom of the bag, so there is not really a "floor" to the purse. I usually just make this homemade pattern as a tote, with maybe the key/cellphone pocket, but no others. I feel kinda dumb, but, oh, well:
This was actually the second laying-around project I finished this week. I had some cutie-cute froggy fabric to make Violet some drink coasters for her office desk. (she is rector of a women's dorm). I put them in a little basket with a tag: How long must I kiss frogs before I meet The Prince? She loved them, but took them away before I got a photo.
So it has been a week of clearing out old projects. Not that this actually makes even a dent in the mountain pile...
The very next thing I need to do is to clean the refrigerator. It is "calling my name nose, so to speak...
What is on your plate this weekend?

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