Friday, March 23, 2007

Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel

My Daddy's nursing home had a "field trip" to the Cracker Barrel this week, so Charming and I, Alvin and Susan, and Lily and children met him there. He was *so* looking forward to this: he wanted fried eggs, (the home only serves scrambled made with EggBeaters [not real eggs, according to Dad], and occasionally a boiled egg) sausage, biscuits'n'gravy, and grits. He was not disappointed. Here he is with Alvin Fernald:
The highlight of his day, Four Generations at one table, including:
himself, daughter Barbie, grandson Alvin, great-granddaughter Sweet Pea.
Of course, when you go to Cracker Barrel, it is important to improve your skills in the peg game. Laura Carrot was pretty upset for awhile that there was a blank hole, and couldn't understand its purpose. So she took them all out and lined them up by color:
Junior Asparagus, satisfied after a scrambly egg meal, and bits of cheesy hashbrowns and pancakes from other plates:
Blackeyed Susan and Laura, sportin' 'tudes:
Anything the girls can do, Alvin and Junior try to do better:
All in all, a very precious time. There will not be very many more "four-generation" moments in my family, I'm sure. This was a treasure.


AmeliaB said...

What a sweet outing. My grandpa used to take us to our local country restaurant and spend the day. It had a duck pond, old fashioned candy store (it has the best smell in the whole world), and a great toy store. These times provided precious memories that I have with me now that my grandpa has gone to be with the Lord. Thanks for posting.


Copper's Wife said...

Good for you to have grabbed such a special opportunity!

Mrs. Rabe said...

What a sweet family you have.

Those generational family times are so special. We don't have 4 generations anymore, my dear grandma died last September, but is rejoicing with the Lord now.

My parents however are going strong and they spent the day with us. Three generations around the dinner table. Good stuff.