Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lipstick Stains

I finished another quilt top! This makes four since Christmas--and four of five tops for a special two-year project. This one is mostly black-and-white fabrics. I wanted to put in just a "dash" of color. I decided on hot pink, and there are only eight pieces in the entire quilt.
This close-up looks like a black-and-white photo with the color photo-shopped in:
Daughter Violet came up with the perfect name: Film Noir with Lipstick Stains.
It is already a hit! Joe Hardy said it is his favorite of all the quilts I have ever made. Alvin Fernald proclaimed it "ultra-cool": he liked the way the circles are "off-center." Charming said it was definitely "artsy."
But I definitely have some clean-up to do! You have never seen so many ravelings! (now there's a word my mother used that I seldom do, anymore. I usually just say "lint" or "threads.") I think I'll start a campaign to bring back "ravelings" because it is such a descriptive word. What do you think?

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