Friday, March 09, 2007

Fitting Pointe Shoes

This was a really neat experience for Blackeyed Susan and her mama (me!) Getting just the right size for a girl whose two feet are not exactly the same size was interesting. I sewed ribbons and elastics this afternoon for class this evening.
Susan has waited a long time for this event--congratulations to her!


Copper's Wife said...

Congratulations to Blackeyed Susan on her new ballet slippers. Dancing en pointe is quite an accomplishment!

AmeliaB said...

Oh how lovely! I danced for about 6 yrs. and then quit when I got to busy. I remember getting fitted. A very happy day. Then when my teacher checked them I was the only one of about 50 girls that had gotton a rotten pair for the shape of my feet. So I also remember the second trip back to the dance store. Another happy day. I wish your daughter all the happiness in her dancing journey.