Friday, February 02, 2007

Finished Top! (well, almost)

I finished the blue-and-yellow quilt top last night:
Here is a close-up of four special squares. It is a "family" story--Charming's sister wanted to play the French horn in the school band, but her mother did not have the money to buy an instrument. She did find a used one for $100, but even that price was prohibitive. Enter the neighbor farmer, who, not knowing the need, asked the five children to "pick pickles" for him. He would pay them...$100!
I've been collecting these fabrics for about five years. I was able to find (clockwise from top left) a French horn, cucumbers, jar-of-pickles, and money fabric with $100 bills. This was so fun, and I had a hard time waiting to make the top. But this is one of three quilts that I decided I wanted to make in 2007. It's a marvel to me that it is February 2nd, and I have two tops done already!
I laid out the top to photograph this morning, and now I'm kind of wavering on the "it's done" theory. I think I may want to add a yellow border, oh, about three inches wide. That may make it look more finished. What do you think?
With these two quilt tops done (of course, they need Quilting, as well!) I am actually doing two projects that have been sitting around for...years. Love the Finish What You Have concept.
Well, tonight, Alvin Fernald and Blackeyed Susan are going to the Winter Jam concert. Five bands *and* a George Bush impersonator for $10. Aunt Robin is going to take them for me, so that Charming and I can have a quiet evening at home. I probably won't blog about *that...*


Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I love it!! And the family story theme is so fun. What talent!

Copper's Wife said...

I love the family story that is told in just four special squares. What a great idea!! Did you decide to do the border?