Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blue and Yellow WIP

Well, I did it! I left the "random" pieces alone, and actually sewed them in squares. It "went against my better nature," as my Mother used to say, but I was determined:
Here they are, laid with their alternate plain squares:
Mmmm, those blue squares look so...dark. (Bright?) But I certainly don't want the entire quilt to look as light as the patched squares.
The public schools are enjoying their first snow day of the school year. It snowed quite a bit, and Blackeyed Susan is out of town with her sister. Alvin Fernald is calling a friend to tag-team for shoveling. He is eating a hearty oatmeal breakfast now, with the promise of hot cocoa after working. Then to the playing!

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Copper's Wife said...

I am loving your blue and yellow combination. I like the "brightness" of the solid squares contrasting the paler, pieced squares. This is going to be a lovely quilt!