Monday, January 29, 2007

Help from a "random" source

After my blue-and-yellow fiasco of last week (see post below), I decided to use a simpler pattern, made of squares and rectangles. I spent some free time Saturday cutting pieces. The 2 1/2-inch squares will be in diagonal chains across the top, and I wanted them to be in Random Order. So, I enlisted the help of Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot:
They alternated, blue and yellow, giving Grandma squares. It took a while for them to get the hang of "just one square":
Here, Junior has it *DOWN,* baby:

I am not very good at "random." I can take a pile of squares and put them in what *I* consider "random order," meaning that there is not a particular order to them. However, I would not let two of the same item lie next to each other, when, if they are truly "random," that could easily happen. Think of throwing a handful of jacks--clusters could easily happen, as well colors happening together.
I have tried to do "absolute randomness" before--putting squares in a paper bag and pulling them out one by one. But I have never been able to leave well enough alone, and ended up Orchestrating Order. Guess that's the linear thinker in me. I should leave it to Charming the Spatial Thinker Guy, but he wasn't around. So I threw myself on my grandbabies' mercy, to help Grandma out of her dilemma.
Tonight I will work on some squares, and will post pictures of my Random Creations.
If I can leave the darn things alone.

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Anonymous said...

HOW cute is THAT?! Now they can always look at that quilt and say "We helped Mommom make it!"

I love those pictures. And good for you for sticking with the truly random. You go, girl!