Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's About Time

We woke up to the first measurable snow of the season. Now, rain we have had up to our ears, and a couple of "dustings" of snow. But never so much as to have to brush off your car:
I'm dreaming of a White Christmas?
By the footprints, about 2 inches so far...
This has been an unusual winter here in Indi*na. For instance, the "blizzard of '78" winter, we had 120 inches. Usually 30-50 inches would be expected. Well, we are up to...Two....
I'm nursing a sore throat, and Charming has to work today, so I am sitting here alone at nine am--everyone else is asleep. Certainly not a "normal" Sunday morning! Isn't it a beautiful thought that I won't "miss" God because I am not going to "His house" today? I can worship Him here, and He is Here with me. What a God we serve!!

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I came here from The Common Room and have enjoyed reading.