Friday, February 16, 2007

New Project

I've started (yet again) another quilt top. The good news is, is that this is three-of-three I wanted to do this year. I will still have to quilt all three, but at least I can put away the sewing machine! So here is "Manchester"--the pattern calls for the snowball and nine-patch blocks to be on point:
...but I'm not sure but that I will like them in a straight-set better:

For my grandbaby Blueberry's birthday (which was a couple of days ago) I wanted to make a fabric barn-bag with animals, which I had made for Alvin Fernald's first birthday. But I am *still* looking for the pattern. We did give him a gift my kids loved--a small rubbermaid food container filled with milk jug caps of all different colors. We used these for "counters" in early math years, but I found the children loved to divide them into colors, make flowers with them, etc. I begged different colors from friends who used different brands or %'s of milk, juice, etc. and there was quite a variety. The gift was an instant hit, as Blueberry discovered that he could take them out of the box one-by-one and drop them on the floor! Ah, it was a great day!

On "my other blog," (see sidebar) I blogged about my brother's news that he has leukemia. I am strangely not worried (partly because the doctor told him it was very treatable and he has a good chance for full recovery), I think because, as I have lived these 50+ years, I have seen the Lord be ever, Ever, EVER faithful. *He* is in charge, and that is a good place for me to rest.


Ebelfamily said...

I love your blog- stumbled on it looking for Brenda's. Have you ever though of using a color book for your farm picture on your grand baby's bag? If you were here I'd show you a way a lady at a seminar showed how to use one to appliqué I am not sure if I could explain the process right. With out pictures. Linda in Indiana

G.L.H. said...

Thanks for that idea!