Sunday, February 04, 2007

Finally here!

Go Colts!!
This football game is Big News here in the town where Tony Dunghe said that the game *should* be played because it is halfway between Chicago and Indy. I don't think there was a schoolchild standing at the bus stop on Friday that was not wearing a jersey. Restaurants were full of entire families wearing jerseys. Bakeries with displays on one side of blue/white cupcakes, and blue/orange on the other. The Midwest Super Bowl is here!
I am really not sure how this game got to be such a huge event. In the early years it wasn't, I know. We all know the thing about the advertising--2 1/2 million for 30 seconds. Huge parties with food that rivals wedding receptions. Somebody, somewhere decided that this should be the Biggie.
Sometimes I wonder just what Laura Ingalls (as a little girl) would think of the world in which we live. Sometimes it is when I am driving down a superhighway at 70 mph. Other times it is when sitting on a beach in the summertime. And then, today...
Andy Griffith had a stand-up routine called "What is was, was football." He described the game as one who had never heard of football, and indeed didn't know it was a game. How they ran down a field with some kind of object, hitting each other, and then kicking it, and the people cheering and all. You can read the text of his monologue here. Just click on the link "see it here."
Well, we are not having, nor are we attending, any "Big Bash." Pizza, salsa-and-chips, and Hershey bars will do, here at home, quietly. There will be some discussion if some of the commercials are especially bawdy. We are definitely Colts people here, but 'da Bears is not a bad second choice.
By the way, *I* don't have a jersey. Football is not my "life." But I may pull out my blue sweater to wear....

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