Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Shop Hop Results, and a WIP, Progressing!

Some of my friends asked me exactly what a "Shop Hop" is. This one featured six quilt stores that are located near each other. Each store featured its own sale items, treats (yum) and a charm for a charm bracelet, that was sent to me when I signed up. In addition, you could purchase the "Shop Hop Quilt Kit": each store had one page of the instructions, and 1/6 of the fabric needed to make the quilt top. Too bad for my "don't need any more fabric" resolution:I just really, really, love novelty fabrics. Most of these are 30's reproductions. The one on the far left is enough to make Laura Carrot and Sweet Pea matching sundresses. The green with cherries will go to something in Forget-me-not's kitchen, and I am going to definitely get more of the Dick and Jane collection!
Some more things I love--the two on the left are from the Mary Frances collection (see here, and other "just fun" things.
Here are a few more that appealed to me--I had the blue fabric on the left in the golden-brown colorway, purchased several years ago. It had such a beautiful, silky "hand," I grabbed this one up when I saw it.

I can never resist a beautiful cream, or the slightly darker "lattes". The reason there are not more is because I already owned so many that were on the shelves!
On the home front, I finished my "Manchester" top. You know, I always knew that certain colors appealed to men, but I love the reaction from my menfolk to this top. Usually, when I show them a top, they say, "very nice," or sometimes, "Very Nice!" This time it was "W.O.W.!" or "I'd really like to have that one myself," and "remember this when you make the next one for me."
Does anyone know why these appeal to men, and women like pink and green and florals?
A little closer up of these very pretty fabrics, several of which have gold metallic in them.
Now that I have three quilt tops done, maybe I'll take time to quilt one of them! Tho' I am still anxious to start another one. These three are part of a two-year project of five quilts for gifts. I've been collecting the fabrics for five years, and spent the last year finalizing pattern choices. So I have been excited about this for awhile now--who knows, maybe all five tops will get done before the quilting is started!


plainandsimple said...

I love the 1930s reproductions too. We don't get many of them in the UK, but I'm tempted by American websites! My DH would be very impressed by you masculine quilt.I'd love to make a quilt for each of my kids. I going to give it a go!

Copper's Wife said...

Oh!!! The fabrics are all so pretty, and your completed quilt top is gorgeous.