Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Things I love

My grandmother's 1977 Kenmore, my "work-horse." So many projects, so many memories...
The machine on which I learned to sew--a 1915 Singer treadle, later electrified. My neighbor likes to say "electrocuted." My mother bought this used when she married in 1941:
My little $5 ebay beauty, a 1955 Singer model 99:
This one will go to Lily, after I find a table for it.

Eventually I suppose I will have a Featherweight, that "gold medal" of quilters, but I love having my mother's and grandmother's machines.
What do you use?

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Coffeeteabooksandme said...

I have my mother-in-laws old Singer displayed in my dining room area. It was her mother's. I cut it out of the original sewing table (and gave the table to my sister who uses it in her bedroom). I've gotten so many comments on it through the years, those old machines are truly beautiful sculptures!

My poor modern sewing machine has been collecting dust for the past few years. My beautiful fabric is in BOXES (can you believe it?). Must get them out soon.