Tuesday, February 05, 2008

One More Bag

You may remember this post about two bags I made for Blackeyed Susan's friends for birthday presents. Well, Susan decided that she wanted to keep the green-apple one, so I made another one for her friend:
Verra, verra spring-y, with happy inside pockets:
Well. Susan decided she may want this one, as well, but I put the kabash (sp?) on that. I realize that I am the Queen of teen-hobo-bag fashion, but I Do have Other Things In My Life.
Like, finishing Blueberry's two-year old quilt, called J*siah's Jungle:
Don't know why the photo is sideways. I mean, I took it sideways, but I rotated it when I uploaded it. One of the mysteries of the computer universe, I guess.
But aren't the colors groovy?
I have two baby quilt tops done, and working on one for my kitty, who really needs one of his own, because he Loves all of Mine. I'll post pictures when I finish them!
Edited to add: My daughter suggested that the word was spelled Kibosh. So I looked it up in an online dictionary. That *is* the spelling, but, fascinatingly enough, it is not Yiddish slang as I had always supposed. It is ENGLISH slang, and first appears about 1836. Look here.

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Anonymous said...

Shades of Forget-me-not! HA!

I think it's spelled "kibosh", but I don't really know. I'm sure your oldest son would, though, and he'd know the origin, too. ;-)