Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm About to Bust!!

MacGuyver is home this weekend!! We haven't seen him for fourteen months, so he wanted it to be a surprise for Blackeyed Susan and Alvin Fernald. Here he is, picking up Susan after ballet class:
We drove home, and MacGuyver knocked on the door. Charming had Alvin answer the door, and that was his surprise. Picture Big. Bear. Hugs.

As the party got started, Laura Carrot, Sweet Pea, and Grandma work in some lip practice. Grandma makes a point to spread the Red Lipstick Love:
Here is Alvin, MacGuyver, and Johnny Tremain:
More handsome guys: Don Quixote, Rocky Balboa, and Joe Hardy:
Unfortunately, our "family" photo came out dark. Hope I can photoshop it to get a better quality. I'd like to make 5 x 7's for everybody:
Pretty ladies: Lily, 35 weeks along, Violet, and Forget-me-not, 37 weeks along:
These are my natural-born sons: Don, Macguyver, Alvin, Joe, and Johnny...
Add Rocky and Charming, and you have All My Men. Not a clinker in the bunch:
Here is Violet and Susan...

and Violet and Alvin, my oldest and youngest:
Here are the Out-Laws. Lily, Rocky, and MacGuyver's girlfriend, Tiny Dancer:
Now, I'm this what I was looking forward to for so long?
Yep. My boy is back!
I loved, loved, loved my babies when they were little. Miss that time of my life terribly. But times like last night, with all my family together in one place, makes me feel Rich Beyond Measure. God is so Good!


Cindy said...

Awwwww! You make me excited for my someday when mine are grown and come back home. :)

Inglesidemom said...

Beautiful family! Hey - I think we have the same colored living room walls!

Ms. K said...

I love your babies too! I'm going to be headed that way over my spring break-- I need some revitalization.