Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How Helen Did Polka Dots

I picked up this red polka-dot scarf at the thrift store yesterday for just 59 cents. I usually pick up anything red-polka-dotty when I see it. My love for the stuff began a lifetime ago...

My mother, tho' hopelessly un-cool by the time I was in high school, was uber-fashionable in the late 50's and early 60's. She had a fabulously tailored black suit she would wear to church with one of two different blouses. One was a light tan, and the other was White with Red Polka Dots.

Oh, that blouse was fabulous. My entire idea of what-to-wear when I grew up revolved around that as a basis for my wardrobe. But wait. There is More To Tell.

Mommy had matching white-with-red-polka-dot GLOVES.

She would put on the blouse and suit, put her red hat on her head (with a hatpin!) and then pull on those gloves. They matched her red lipstick exactly. Oh, she was beautiful!!

I used to play with her gloves. She kept them in the top left-hand drawer of her vanity. She had a few pair of white gloves, wrist-length and "shorty's," as well as elbow-length shirred ones. She also had a pair of navy blue ones (and, I presume, some black ones as well), and, well, you know about the Red Ones. She let me play with them as long as I washed my hands first.

Well, of course, not many of us have a Glove Drawer anymore, do we? A more genteel time, that by the time I grew up, had passed into hippiedom. My mother passed away two years ago last Sunday, and I'm glad I had the reminder this week of how wonderfully glamorous my Mom used to seem to me. I hope that my girls think I'm that cool.

At least *after* the teen years are over.


Inglesidemom said...

What a wonderful memory! Makes me wish I lived in that era. Alas, I have memories of mommy's bell bottoms...good memories, but bell bottoms none the less.


Anonymous said...

Oh mommy, DEFINITELY the love of fabulous red has been passed on! Even though you are a child of the '70s, your red lipstick is forever imprinted as the epitome of glamour. *I* fantasize about your mother's suit ensembles described here (THOSE GLOVES!). And I remember the small red enamel heart earrings and necklace that you had when I was little. I wore the necklace for a while in high school, and then I lost it. :-( So sad!

I love you. And I love your mama. I think about her all the time.


PS. I, for one, will never forget the turquoise-blue '80s dress with white pumps and fuchsia wooden disc earrings! THAT was some style, let me tell you!

Cindy said...

My favorite post of yours I've ever read!

Now I'll think of that story the next time I see red and white polka dots.

Julie said...

What nice memories of your mom. Glad you found your own polka dot scarf.

My dresser has a glove drawer but I don't keep gloves in there. I have a few pairs down in my studio. I should move them to the assigned drawer, just because.

ztoamom said...

Such sweet memories. My mother, too was so fashionable when fashion was so great - those 50's..... I have both her wedding dress which her mother made her from ice blue satin and lace and her fabulous green velvet sheath - oh my. Not that I have a hope of getting in to them, but I can touch them. She died four years ago this coming March.