Monday, February 18, 2008


I keep telling myself *not* to stick myself with my needle while I'm quilting.

Though I *do* find it fascinating, watching that single drop appear when I squeeze my finger, and watching the Capillary Action as the kleenex absorbs it.

You realize, of course, that a cut of any kind makes a Hole in your skin, the largest organ in your body. You have Breached the Outer Boundary, and cut across a capillary. Or two or three.

What happens then? Your Vitamin K, platelets, and keratin (maybe I have the list correct, but I don't have my science book in front of me, I'm working from memory here...) go to work to make that architectural wonder, the Scab. Which I can then later remove Before Its Time, and watch the entire process again. Or, wait till it heals all-the-way.

But here is the fascinating part.

That beautiful, self-healing, clotting action of your blood. How come it only happens at the site of a cut? How come it isn't happening all over your body, all the time? (of course, *sometimes* it does, and then our heart or lungs are very. unhappy. But I'm speaking of Normally...)


To me, it smacks pretty heavily of Intelligent Design, and smacks pretty heavily *against* Natural Selection.

Proofs all around us, if we care to look, eh? Psalm 139:14: "I will praise Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are Thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well."


Anonymous said...

Hmm, you said "capillary action", which reminded me of a Science Friday segment I heard on NPR yesterday. They were talking about making new surgical adhesive modeled after GECKO feet!

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was me. I forgot to leave my name.


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I think one of the saddest parts of no believing is not being able to praise the Creator. Saying "Wow, my blood clotted. What an amazing random occurrence of science" just doesn't bring the same joy! I can't imagine looking at a newborn baby and not praising the One who knitted her together, can you?