Friday, December 07, 2007

Babies in the Snow

We had a few inches of snow, so it was a great day for Lily to bring the children over for some Snow Time.
Here's Blackeyed Susan with Laura Carrot. Laura is smiling because she isn't bundled into her snow gear yet, and can still move enough to smile...
Alvin Fernald never needs a reason to goof off. Any of you with a 13-year old boy knows this:
The Big Guys, ready to go: Junior Asparagus, Laura Carrot, and our friend Jackson, over for the morning to share our fun:
The big Planning Session. The Yalta Summit was no more important:
Here is Sweet Pea. I would have showed her standing up, but she was unable due to her snow gear. Every time she tried, she fell over. I think she couldn't find her feet:
Junior has that snow-angel maneuver down pat:
jackson, Laura, and Junior ready for the run down the Big Hill:
As soon as it began, it was over. You can see the incline of the "hill" behind them:
Susan took Sweet Pea down The Big One:
The fun was Over for Sweet Pea as soon as her mittens fell off, and she actually felt the snow. She was Not Having Fun anymore, so Grandma took her inside.
I love how very little children can show us how simple Fun can be. Seeing it through their eyes is Magic.


Cindy said...

So sweet! We only got a dusting here!

Promise Christian Academy said...

So nice to have snow! Wish you could share it with us! We are having unseasonal weather... in the high 70's!
Hilda Rebecca